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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 67 pages of information about Grammar and Vocabulary of the Lau Language.

ngisi; fangisi, to acknowledge.

ngisu 1. v. i., to spit; 2. n. fe ngisu, spittle.

   ngisufi v. tr., to spit on.  S. ngisu.

ngosa v. i., to bud; ngosa faolu, just come into bud.

ngongosa, a spike, a horn; ngongose doo.

ngu 1. v. i., to sing; 2. n. a song.

   nguli v. tr., to sing; ngulia ngu, to sing a song.


o pers. pron. sing. 2. thou, used by itself as subj. or follows ioe.  S. o.

oa v. i. to share in.

   oalangai v. tr., to distribute, to share in.  S. ’oa.

oba v. tr., to take from, separate, divide.  S. opa.  Florida sopa.

   obala v. n. separation.

odonga; midi odonga, to taste.  S. ohonga.

odu v. tr., to command, order.

oe 1. an axe.

oe 2. v. i. to commit adultery.

   oela v. n., adultery.

ofosi v. tr., to take down.  S. oohosi.

ofu 1. v. i., together; ofu bae, to witness; 2. n. ofu si doo, a bundle.

ofu 3. v. i., to boil; ofu duqet to burst.  S. ohu.

oga (gu) n., stomach, belly.  S. ’oqa.

ogi (gu) 1. n., bone.

ogi (gu) 2. n., back, outside,

ogila a bone needle.

ogo a band, a creeper used for binding.  S. oko.

ogosi v. tr., to destroy, pull down, uproot.  S. ooho’i.

ogu 1. v. i., to collect, gather together; ogu malefola, money collecting; 2. adv., together, in company.

   ogua v. n., company.

   ogula v. n., ogule ai, a company of people.

oi v. tr., to break off.  S. ’o’i.

oimae exclam. alas!

okasa unripe; maea okasa, sudden death.

oku summer.  S. oku.

ola canoe, ship.  S. ’iola.

ole v. tr., to betray; ole ilalo deceit.

oli 1. v. tr., to hold in the arms.

oli 2. v. tr., to return, go back; adv. back.  S. ’oli.

   olila v. n., return.

   olisi v. tr., to answer; nia kafi olisida, then he answered

   olitai partic. converted; olitai manata lau, repent.

olisusu v. i., to strive, quarrel, dispute, transgress; olisusu marana, to deny himself.

olo 1. v. i., to be deep.

olo 2. v. i., to cry out.

   olosi v. tr.; olosia riilana, cried out.

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