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CHAPTER I:  Blacky The Crow Makes A Discovery1
CHAPTER II:  Blacky Makes Sure2
CHAPTER III:  Blacky Finds Out Who Owns The Eggs3
CHAPTER IV:  The Cunning Of Blacky4
CHAPTER V:  Blacky Calls His Friends6
CHAPTER VI:  Hooty The Owl Doesn’t Stay Still7
CHAPTER VII:  Blacky Tries Another Plan8
CHAPTER VIII:  Hooty Comes To Mrs. Hooty’s Aid9
CHAPTER IX:  Blacky Thinks Of Farmer Brown’s Boy11
CHAPTER X:  Farmer Brown’s Boy And Hooty12
CHAPTER XI:  Farmer Brown’s Boy Is Tempted13
CHAPTER XII:  A Tree-Top Battle14
CHAPTER XIII:  Blacky Has A Change Of Heart16
CHAPTER XIV:  Blacky Makes A Call17
CHAPTER XV:  Blacky Does A Little Looking About18
CHAPTER XVI:  Blacky Finds Other Signs19
CHAPTER XVII:  Blacky Watches A Queer Performance20
CHAPTER XVIII:  Blacky Becomes Very Suspicious22
CHAPTER XIX:  Blacky Makes More Discoveries23
CHAPTER XX:  Blacky Drops A Hint24
CHAPTER XXI:  At Last Blacky Is Sure25
CHAPTER:  Blacky Goes Home Happy27
CHAPTER XXIII:  Blacky Calls Farmer Brown’s Boy28
CHAPTER XXIV:  Farmer Brown’s Boy Does Some Thinking29
CHAPTER XXV:  Blacky Gets A Dreadful Shock30
CHAPTER XXVI:  Why The Hunter Got No Ducks32
CHAPTER XXVII:  The Hunter Gives Up33
CHAPTER XXVIII:  Blacky Has A Talk With Dusky The Black Duck34
CHAPTER XXIX:  Blacky Discovers An Egg35
CHAPTER XXX:  Blacky Screws Up His Courage37
CHAPTER XXXI:  An Egg That Wouldn’t Behave38
CHAPTER XXXII:  What Blacky Did With The Stolen Egg40
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