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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 66 pages of information about Whitefoot the Wood Mouse.
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Title:  Whitefoot the Wood Mouse1
CHAPTER II:  Whitefoot Sees Queer Things2
CHAPTER III:  Farmer Brown’s Boy Becomes Acquainted3
CHAPTER IV:  Whitefoot Grows Anxious4
CHAPTER V:  The End Of Whitefoot’s Worries5
CHAPTER VI:  A Very Careless Jump6
CHAPTER VII:  Whitefoot Gives Up Hope6
CHAPTER VIII:  The Rescue7
CHAPTER IX:  Two Timid Persons Meet8
CHAPTER X:  The White Watchers10
CHAPTER XI:  Jumper Is In Doubt11
CHAPTER XII:  Whitey The Owl Saves Jumper12
CHAPTER XIII:  Whitefoot Decides Quickly13
CHAPTER XIV:  Shadows Return14
CHAPTER XV:  Whitefoots Dreadful Journey16
CHAPTER XVI:  Whitefoot Climbs A Tree17
CHAPTER XVII:  Whitefoot Finds A Hole Just In Time18
CHAPTER XVIII:  An Unpleasant Surprise19
CHAPTER XIX:  Whitefoot Finds A Home At Last20
CHAPTER XX:  Whitefoot Makes Himself At Home21
CHAPTER XXI:  Whitefoot Envies Timmy22
CHAPTER XXII:  Timmy Proves To Be A True Neighbor23
CHAPTER XXIII:  Whitefoot Spends A Dreadful Night24
CHAPTER XXIV:  Whitefoot The Wood Mouse Is Unhappy25
CHAPTER XXV:  Whitefoot Finds Out What The Matter Was26
CHAPTER XXVI:  Love Fills The Heart Of Whitefoot27
CHAPTER XXVII:  Mr. And Mrs. Whitefoot29
CHAPTER XVIII:  Mrs. Whitefoot Decides On A Home30
CHAPTER XXIX:  Making Over An Old House31
CHAPTER XXX:  The Whitefoots Enjoy Their New Home32
CHAPTER XXXI:  Whitefoot Is Hurt34
CHAPTER XXXII:  The Surprise35
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