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In France the quantity of raw material which can be purchased for L1, when manufactured into

 Silk goods is worth L2.37
 Broad cloth and woollens 2.15
 Hemp and cables 3.94
 Linen comprising thread laces 5.00
 Cotton goods 2.44

The price of pig-lead was L1 1s. per cwt; and lead of the value of L1 sterling, became worth, when manufactured into

 Sheets or pipes of moderate dimensions L 1. 25
 White lead 2.60
 Ordinary printing characters 4.90
 The smallest type 28.30

The price of copper was L5 2s. per cwt.  Copper worth L1 became when manufactured into

 Copper sheeting L1.26
 Household utensils 4.77
 Common brass pins tinned 2.34
 Rolled into plates covered with 1/20 silver 3.56
 Woven into metallic cloth, each square inch of which contains
10,000 meshes 52.23

The price of tin was L4 12s. per cwt.  Tin worth L1 when manufactured into

 Leaves for silvering glass became L1.73
 Household utensils 1.85

Quicksilver cost L10 16s. per cwt.  Quicksilver worth L1 when manufactured into

 Vermilion of average quality became L1.81

Metallic arsenic cost L1 4s. per cwt.  Arsenic worth L1 when manufactured into

 White oxide of arsenic became L1.83
 Sulphuret (orpiment) 4.26

The price of cast-iron was 8s. per cwt.  Cast-iron worth L1 when manufactured into

 Household utensils became L2.00
 Machinery 4.00
 Ornamental. as buckles. etc 45.00
 Bracelets. figures, buttons. etc. 147.00

8ar-iron cost L1 6s. per cwt.  Bar-iron worth L1 when manufactured into

 Agricultural instruments became L3.57
 Barrels, musket 9. 10
 Barrels of double-barrel guns. twisted and damasked 238.08
 Blades of penknives 657.14
 razor. cast steel 53.57 sabre, for cavalry. infantry, and
artillery. etc. from 9.25 to 16.07
 of table knives 35.70
 Buckles of polished steel, used as jewellery 896.66
 Clothiers’ pins 8.03
 Door-latches and bolts from 4.85 to 8.50
 Files, common 2.55 flat, cast steel 20.44
 Horseshoes 2.55
 Iron, small slit, for nails 1. 10
 Metallic cloth, iron wire, No. 80 96.71
 Needles of various sizes from 17.33 to 70.85
 Reeds for weaving 3-4ths calico 21.87
 Saws (frame) of steel 5. 12
 for wood 14.28
Scissors, finest kind 446.94
 Steel, cast 4.28
 cast, in sheets 6.25
 cemented 2.41
 natural 1.42
 Sword handles, polished steel 972.82
 Tinned iron from 2.04 to 2.34
 Wire, iron from 2. 14 to 10.71

215.  The following is stated by M. de Villefosse to be the price of bar-iron at the forges of various countries, in January, 1825.

per ton
 L s. d. 
 France 26 10 0
 Belgium and Germany 16 14 0
 Sweden and Russia, at Stockholm and St Petersburg 13 13 0
 England, at Cardiff 10 1 0

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