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Babbage, Charles British Inventor and Mathematician 1791–1871 A mathematician, philosopher, and inventor, Charles Babbage is best remembered for his concept of the Analytical Engine—a ca... Read more
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Babbage, Charles British Mathematician and Inventor 1791–1871 Charles Babbage was born in England in 1791. He lived during the Industrial Revolution, and his scientific, technological, and poli... Read more
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Charles Babbage 1791-1871 English Mathematician and Inventor The development of the modern computer owes a debt to Englishman Charles Babbage, who developed plans for an analytical engine (the forerun... Read more
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Charles Babbage 1791-1871 English mathematician considered the inventor of the first mechanical computer. Babbage devised plans for two machines, a difference engine (1823) to perform mathematical cal... Read more
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