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Authors, vanity of certain, 43

Automatism, human, 252

Babylon, rivers of, 459

  a certain standard of, 32;
  poetical, 33

  three sources of, 245;
  rule of, 260;
  of simple people, 284;
  without reading the Testaments, 286;
  the Cross creates, 587;
  reasons why there is no, in the miracles, 825

Bias, leads to error, 98

  noble, an advantage, 322;
  persons of high, honoured and despised, 337

Blame, and praise, 501

Blood, example of the circulation of, 96

  nourishment of the, 356;
  the, and its members, 475, 476;
  infinite distance between mind and, 792

Brutes, no mutual admiration among the, 401

Caesar, compared with Alexander and Augustus, 132

Calling, chance decides the choice of a, 97

Calvinism, error of, 776

Canonical, the heretical books prove the, 568

Carthusian monk, difference between a soldier and a, 538

  true believers have no pretext for following their laxity, 888;
  submit the decision to a corrupted reason, 906;
  cannot give assurance to a conscience in error, 908;
  allow lust to act, 913

Causes, seen by the intellect and not by the senses, 234

Catholic, the, doctrine, of the Holy Sacrament, 861

Ceremonies, ordained in the Old Testament, are types, 679

Certain, nothing is, 234

  according to the doctrine of chance, one should believe in God, 233;
  and work for an uncertainty, 234;
  and seek the truth, 236;
  gives rise to thoughts, 370

Chancellor, the position of the, uneral, 307

Character, the Christian, the human, and the inhuman, 532

  nothing so like it as covetousness, 662;
  not a figurative precept, 664;
  the sole aim of the Scripture, 669

Charron, the divisions of, 62

  frightened at the face they have blackened, 88;
  of Port-Royal, 151;
  illustration of usurpation from, 295

China, History of, 592, 593

  alone cures pride and sloth, 435;
  is strange, 536;
  consists in two points, 555;
  evidence for, 563;
  is wise and foolish, 587

  few true, 256;
  without the knowledge of the prophecies and evidences, 287;
  comply with folly, 338;
  humility of, 537;
  their hope, 539;
  their happiness, 540;
  the God of, 543

  history of the, 857;
  the, in persecution, like a ship in a storm, 858;
  when in a good state, 860;
  has always been attacked by opposite errors, 861;
  the, and tradition, 866;
  absolution and the, 869;
  the Pope and the, 870;
  the, and infallibility, 875;
  true justice in the, 877;
  the work of the, 880;
  the discipline of the, 884;
  the anathemas of the, 895

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