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Pascal, Blaise French Philosopher and Scientist 1623–1662 Blaise Pascal, who was born in 1623 in central France and died in Paris in 1662, made significant contributions to physics, mathematics... Read more
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Pascal, Blaise French Mathematician and Philosopher 1623–1662 Blaise Pascal's work on binomial coefficients would lead Sir Isaac Newton (1643–1727) to his discovery of the gen... Read more
2,152 words, approx. 8 pages
Pascal, Blaise PASCAL, BLAISE (1623–1662), French mathematician, religious thinker, and philosopher, was one of the greatest minds in modern intellectual history. He was educated at home by his... Read more
755 words, approx. 3 pages
Blaise Pascal 1623-1662 French Mathematician and Philosopher Amathematical prodigy who first made a name for himself at age 16, Blaise Pascal had a meteoric career that concluded before he was 40. His... Read more
80 words, approx. 1 pages
Blaise Pascal 1623-1662 French mathematician and physicist who proved that the mercury-column height in barometers depends on air pressure. In hydrostatics Pascal's principle (1654) provides th... Read more
1,259 words, approx. 5 pages
Pascal, Blaise Mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, religious thinker, and writer, Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, on June 19, 1623, the second of th... Read more
5,006 words, approx. 17 pages
Pascal, Blaise(1623–1662) Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, and theologian. He was born in Clermont in Auvergne, the son of a minor noble who was a gov... Read more