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[373] P. 266, l. 33. We will be as the other nations.—­I Sam. viii,

[374] P. 268, l. 19. Vince in bono malum.—­Romans xii, 21.

[375] P. 268, l. 26. Montalte.—­See note on page 6, line 30, above.

[376] P. 269, l. 11. Probability.—­The doctrine in casuistry that of
      two probable views, both reasonable, one may follow his own
      inclinations, as a doubtful law cannot impose a certain
      obligation.  It was held by the Jesuits, the famous religious order
      founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola.  This section of the Pensees
      is directed chiefly against them.

[377] P. 269, l. 22. Coacervabunt sibi magistros.—­2 Tim. iv, 3.

[378] P. 270, l. 3. These.—­The writers of Port-Royal.

[379] P. 270, l. 15. The Society.—­The Society of Jesus.

[380] P. 271, l. 15. Digna necessitas.—­Book of Wisdom xix, 4.


The figures refer to the numbers of the Pensees, and not to the pages.

  took nothing for himself, 502;
  from stones can come children unto, 777;
  and Gideon, 821

Absolutions, without signs of regret, 903, 904

Act, the last, is tragic, 210

  compared with Christ, 551;
  his glorious state, 559;
  forma futuri, 655

Advent, the time of the first, foretold, 756

  influences judgment, 381;
  the six ages, 654

Alexander, the example of his chastity, 103

Amusements, dangerous to the Christian life, 11

Animals, intelligence and instinct of, 340, 342

  miracles of, foretold by Christ, 825;
  will speak openly against God, 842;
  miracles of, cannot lead into error, 845

Apocalyptics, extravagances of the, 650

  hypothesis that they were deceivers, 571;
  foresaw heresies, 578;
  supposition that they were either deceived or deceivers, 801

Aquinas, Thomas, 61, 338

Arcesilaus, the sceptic, became a dogmatist, 375

Archimedes, greatness of, 792

Arians, where they go wrong, 861

Aristotle, and Plato, 331

Arius, miracles in his time, 831

Athanasius, St., 867

Atheism, shows a certain strength of mind, 225

  who seek, to be pitied, 190;
  ought to say what is perfectly evident, 221;
  objections of, against the Resurrection and the Virgin
  Birth, 222, 223;
  objection of, 228

Augustine, St.,
  saw that we work for an uncertainty, 234;
  on the submission of reason, 270;
  on miracles, 811;
  his authority, 868

Augustus, his saying about Herod’s son, 179

Authority, in belief, 260

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