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He will raise again (Ps. xv) the third day (Hosea vi, 3).

He will ascend to heaven to sit on the right hand.  Ps. cx.

The kings will arm themselves against Him.  Ps. ii.

Being on the right hand of the Father, He will be victorious over His enemies.

The kings of the earth and all nations will worship Him.  Is. lx.

The Jews will continue as a nation.  Jeremiah.

They will wander, without kings, etc. (Hosea iii), without prophets
(Amos), looking for salvation and finding it not (Isaiah).

Calling of the Gentiles by Jesus Christ.  Is. lii, 15; lv, 5; lx, etc
Ps. lxxxi.

Hosea i, 9:  “Ye are not my people, and I will not be your God, when ye are multiplied after the dispersion.  In the places where it was said, Ye are not my people, I will call them my people.”


It was not lawful to sacrifice outside of Jerusalem, which was the place that the Lord had chosen, nor even to eat the tithes elsewhere.  Deut. xii, 5, etc.; Deut. xiv, 23, etc.; xv, 20; xvi, 2, 7, 11, 15.

Hosea foretold that they should be without a king, without a prince, without a sacrifice, and without an idol; and this prophecy is now fulfilled, as they cannot make a lawful sacrifice out of Jerusalem.


Predictions.—­It was foretold that, in the time of the Messiah, He should come to establish a new covenant, which should make them forget the escape from Egypt (Jer. xxiii, 5; Is. xliii, 10); that He should place His law not in externals, but in the heart; that He should put His fear, which had only been from without, in the midst of the heart.  Who does not see the Christian law in all this?


...  That then idolatry would be overthrown; that this Messiah would cast down all idols, and bring men into the worship of the true God.

That the temples of the idols would be cast down, and that among all nations, and in all places of the earth, He would be offered a pure sacrifice, not of beasts.

That He would be king of the Jews and Gentiles.  And we see this king of the Jews and Gentiles oppressed by both, who conspire His death; and ruler of both, destroying the worship of Moses in Jerusalem, which was its centre, where He made His first Church; and also the worship of idols in Rome, the centre of it, where He made His chief Church.


Prophecies.—­That Jesus Christ will sit on the right hand, till God has subdued His enemies.

Therefore He will not subdue them Himself.


“...  Then they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, saying, Here is the Lord, for God shall make Himself known to all."[273]

“...  Your sons shall prophesy."[274] “I will put my spirit and my fear in your heart.”

All that is the same thing.  To prophesy is to speak of God, not from outward proofs, but from an inward and immediate feeling.

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