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Chair Stubbing

Each contestant sits upon a chair with his legs straddling the back and his toes on the bottom side round.  Keeping his feet off the floor, he advances the chair forward by jerking it with his body until it has crossed the distance line.

This race can be made a relay by having four men on the team, two men placed behind each line.

Aviation Meet

Each team is made up of two mechanicians and four aviators.  The two mechanicians hold stretched between them a piece of string upon which have been placed two funnels of paper made in the form of cornucopias, point to point.  The first aviator on each team, at the signal to go, blows the cornucopia across the string from one mechanician to the other; the second blows it back across; the third blows it in the same direction as the first and the fourth ends the race by blowing it in the same direction that the second aviator blew it, until it touches the hands of the mechanician.

Equal pieces of string should be used, a loop having been tied in each end through which the mechanicians may slip their fingers for the purpose of holding the string.  Mechanicians must keep the string level at all times.

Feather Blowing Relay

Four contestants constitute a team.  A feather is placed on the starting line and is blown by the first member of each team to the distance line.  Then the second member of the team blows it back to the starting line and after the third contestant has completed his blow, the fourth blows it back across the finish line.

Balloon Race

An inflated rubber balloon and a palm leaf fan must be provided for each team.  Four players constitute a team.  A balloon is placed on the starting line before each team and a fan handed to the first competitor.  At the signal to go the balloon is blown forward by means of the fan across the distance line, blown back by the second player, forward again by the third and back across the finish line by the fourth.  The team first succeeding wins the honors.

Lobster Race

Each competitor gets down on the starting line on all fours and at the signal to go travels backward on all fours to the distance line and returns.

Prune Tug of War

Prunes are tied in the middle of a piece of string, three yards long.  Opponents are placed opposite each other, each with an end of the string in his mouth.  At the signal to go they are to chew the string towards the prune.  The one first reaching the prune may eat his prize.

Whistle Race

Contestants take a deep breath and whistle.  The one who can whistle longest on one breath, wins.

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