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Ring the Bell

In the centre of a hoop eighteen inches in diameter—­(an ordinary barrel hoop)—­is hung a bell.  The hoop is suspended from the ceiling or a door, so that it will be five feet above the floor.  The group is divided into two teams.  One team lines up on one side, one on the other.  Each is given two bean bags.  The first player on each team endeavors to throw his two bean bags through the hoop without ringing the bell.  Succeeding or failing, he takes his place at the rear of the line and the next player repeats his performance.  The players on the opposing team are expected to recover and to use the bags thrown through the hoop by the opponents, for their throw.  A point is scored for the team by each player successfully tossing a bean bag through the hoop without ringing the bell.

Chair Tilting

Opponents are placed upon chairs and must stand thereon upon one foot.  Each is armed with a long pole, the end of which is padded with a wad of cloth.  The object is to dislodge the opponent from the chair.  Dropping the pole or putting the foot down counts the same as being forced from the chair.

As soon as one member of a team has been dislodged, another may take his place and the game continues until all of one team have been eliminated.

Hammer Throw

An inflated paper bag tied on the end of a yard of string is used as the hammer for this event.  Each contestant by swinging the bag from the end of the string tries to throw it as great a distance as possible.

Twenty Yard Dash

Contestants carry an egg to the distance line and return with a spoon held at full arm’s length from the body.

Running Broad Grin

Have each competitor grin as broadly as possible.  The judges measure the grins with a tape measure.

Light Weight Race

Contestants carry a lighted candle in one hand and a glass or bowl brim full of water in the other.  If the water is spilled over or the candle blows out, the contestant is out of the race.

Javelin Throw

Contestants endeavor to throw a short stick through a rolling hoop.

One Mile Run

Contestants are required to add a column of figures, the total of which will be 5280.

Long Glum

The player who can keep from smiling the longest in spite of the jeers and efforts to make him laugh, on the part of the others, wins.

Turtle Race

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