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Art Gallery

Pictures of a number of famous paintings by the masters are placed on exhibition.  The pupil guessing the largest number of masters and titles, of the various pictures, wins.

Drawing Animals

The teacher whispers in the ear of each pupil the name of some animal, whereupon the pupil proceeds to draw that animal, each pupil being given the name of a different animal.  Drawings are made and put on exhibition.  All try to guess as many as possible of the animals represented in the drawings.  The drawing securing the largest number of correct guesses wins for the artist.

Historical Pictures

A long sheet of paper is given to each pupil, with instructions to draw thereupon a picture representing some historical event.  After completing the drawing, each paper is passed about the room.  Each pupil writes underneath the picture what he thinks the picture represents.  His subject is folded under, so that the next pupil to receive the picture cannot see what his guess has been.  At the end of the game, the picture having the largest number of correct guesses wins.

Train of Thoughts

A word is suggested by the teacher.  This is written at the top of a sheet of paper by each pupil.  The pupil then writes beneath that word various thoughts that are suggested to him by the word.  For instance, the word suggested by the teacher is “aeroplane”.  Pupil A has suggested to him by the word “aeroplane”, humming.  He writes that on his list.  Humming suggests bees.  Bees suggest honey; honey, clover, clover summer, summer swimming hole, etc.  When all of the pupils have written fifteen or twenty thoughts which have suggested themselves to them, each is called upon to read his train of thoughts to the rest of the class.

Bowknot Relay

The pupils of each aisle constitute a team.  A piece of string is given to each pupil in the front seat.  At a signal to start each pupil with the string runs forward and ties it in a bowknot on some article placed in front of each aisle.  After tying the bow, he returns to his seat and touches the one in the seat next behind him.  Thereupon the second member of the team runs, unties the bowknot, returns with the string; and hands it to the third, who runs forward, and ties it in a bowknot, as did the first, and returning touches off the fourth, etc.  The aisle in which each pupil has accomplished the required task first, wins the race.

Cooking Race

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