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2.  Vowel changes often occur in the process of composition.  Thus:—­

  a.  In the second member of compounds. (See Sec. 7, 1.)

  b.  The final vowel of the stem of the first member of the compound often
  appears as i where we should expect o or a; sometimes it is dropped
  altogether, and in case of consonant stems i is often inserted; as,—­

    signifer, standard-bearer;

    tubicen, trumpeter;

    magnanimus, high-minded;

    matricida, matricide.


1.  Nouns:—­

  a) Preposition + Noun; as,—­

    de-decus, disgrace;

    pro-avus, great-grandfather.

  b) Noun + Verb Stem; as,—­

    agri-cola, farmer;

    fratri-cida, fratricide.

2.  Adjectives:—­

  a) Preposition + Adjective (or Noun); as,—­

    per-magnus, very great;

    sub-obscurus, rather obscure;

    a-mens, frantic.

  b) Adjective + Noun; as,—­

    magn-animus, great-hearted;

    celeri-pes, swift-footed.

  c) Noun + Verb Stem; as,—­

    parti-ceps, sharing;

    morti-fer, death-dealing.

3.  Verbs:—­

The second member is always a verb.  The first may be—­

  a) A Noun; as,—­

    aedi-fico, build.

  b) An Adjective; as,—­

    ampli-fico, enlarge.

  c) An Adverb; as,—­

    male-dico, rail at.

  d) Another Verb; as,—­

    cale-facio, make warm.

  e) A Preposition; as,—­

    ab-jungo, detach;

    re-fero, bring back;

    dis-cerno, distinguish;

    ex-specto, await.

NOTE.—­Here belong the so-called INSEPARABLE PREPOSITIONS: 

    ambi- (amb-), around;

    dis- (dir-, di-), apart, asunder;

    por-, forward;

    red- (re-), back;

    sed- (se-), apart from;

    ve-, without.

4.  Adverbs:—­

These are of various types; as,—­

    antea, before;

    ilico (in loco), on the spot;

    imprimis, especially;

    obviam, in the way.

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160.  Syntax treats of the use of words in sentences

CHAPTER I.—­Sentences.


161.  Sentences may be classified as follows:—­

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