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“3. Resolved:  That we spend four years in endeavors to impress the Anglo-Saxon that he has a New Negro on his hands and must surrender what belongs to him.  In case we fail by these means to secure our rights and privileges we shall all, at once, abandon our several homes in the various other states and emigrate in a body to the State of Texas, broad in domain, rich in soil and salubrious in climate.  Having an unquestioned majority of votes we shall secure possession of the State government.

“4. Resolved:  That when once lawfully in control of that great state we shall, every man, die in his shoes before we shall allow vicious frauds or unlawful force to pursue us there and rob us of our acknowledged right.

“5. Resolved:  That we sojourn in the state of Texas, working out our destiny as a separate and distinct race in the United States of America.

“Such is the proposition which I present.  It is primarily pacific:  yet it is firm and unyielding.  It courts a peaceable adjustment, yet it does not shirk war, if war is forced.

“But in concluding, let me emphasize that my aim, my hope, my labors, my fervent prayer to God is for a peaceable adjustment of all our differences upon the high plane of the equality of man.  Our beloved President, in his message to this Congress, made a serious mistake when he stated that there were only two weapons to be used in accomplishing revolutions.  He named the sword (and spear) and ballot.  There is a weapon mightier than either of these.  I speak of the pen.  If denied the use of the ballot let us devote our attention to that mightier weapon, the pen.

“Other races which have obtained their freedom erect monuments over bloody spots where they slew their fellow men.  May God favor us to obtain our freedom without having to dot our land with these relics of barbaric ages.

“The Negro is the latest comer upon the scene of modern civilization.  It would be the crowning glory of even this marvelous age; it would be the grandest contribution ever made to the cause of human civilization; it would be a worthy theme for the songs of the Holy Angels, if every Negro, away from the land of his nativity, can by means of the pen, force an acknowledgment of equality from the proud lips of the fierce, all conquering Anglo-Saxon, thus eclipsing the record of all other races of men, who without exception have had to wade through blood to achieve their freedom.

“Amid all the dense gloom that surrounds us, this transcendent thought now and then finds its way to my heart and warms it like a glorious Sun.  Center your minds, beloved Congress, on this sublime hope, and God may grant it to you.  But be prepared, if he deems us unfit for so great a boon, to buckle on our swords and go forth to win our freedom with the sword just as has been done by all other nations of men.

“My speech is made, my proposition is before you.  I have done my duty.  Your destiny is in your own hands.”

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