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He wound up by urging the Imperium to go where they would enjoy all the rights of free men, and by picturing the demoralization and ruin of the South when they thus went forth.  His suggestion met with much favor but he did not make clear the practicability of his scheme.

At length a bold speaker arose who was courageous enough to stick a match to the powder magazine which Bernard had left uncovered in all their bosoms.  His first declaration was:  “I am for war!” and it was cheered to the echo.  It was many minutes before the applause died away.  He then began an impassioned invective against the South and recited in detail horror after horror, for which the South was answerable.  He described hangings, revolting in their brutality; he drew vivid word pictures of various burnings, mentioning one where a white woman struck the match and ignited the pile of wood that was to consume the trembling negro.  He told of the Texas horror, when a colored man named Smith was tortured with a red hot poker, and his eyes gouged out; after which he was slowly roasted to death.  He then had Mrs. Cook arise and gather her children about her, and tell her sorrowful story.  As she proceeded the entire assembly broke down in tears, and men fell on each other’s necks and wept like babes.  And oh!  Their hearts swelled, their bosoms heaved, their breath came quick with choking passion, and there burst from all their throats the one hoarse cry:  “War! war! war!”

Bernard turned his head away from this affecting sight and in his soul swore a terrible oath to avenge the wrongs of his people.

When quiet was sufficiently restored, the man with the match arose and offered the following resolutions: 

“WHEREAS, the history of our treatment by the Anglo-Saxon race is but the history of oppression, and whereas, our patient endurance of evil has not served to decrease this cruelty, but seems rather to increase it; and whereas, the ballot box, the means of peaceful revolution is denied us, therefore;

Be it Resolved:  That the hour for wreaking vengeance for our multiplied wrongs has come.

Resolved secondly:  That we at once proceed to war for the purpose of accomplishing the end just named, and for the further purpose of obtaining all our rights due us as men.

Resolved thirdly:  That no soldier of the Imperium leave the field of battle until the ends for which this war was inaugurated are fully achieved.”

A dozen men were on their feet at once to move the adoption of these resolutions.  The motion was duly seconded and put before the house.  The Chairman asked:  “Are you ready to vote?” “Ready!” was the unanimous, vociferous response.

The chairman, Belton Piedmont, quietly said:  “Not ready.”  All eyes were then pointed eagerly and inquiringly to him.  He called the senior member of the house to the chair and came down upon the floor to speak.

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