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Belton’s mother now held in her hand a wet cloth with which she wished to cleanse his face, the bacon skin which he gnawed at the conclusion of his meal having left a circle of grease around his lips.  Belton did not relish the face washing part of the programme (of course hair combing was not even considered).  Belton had one characteristic similar to that of oil.  He did not like to mix with water, especially cold water, such as was on that wet cloth in his mother’s hand.  However, a hint in reference to a certain well-known leather strap, combined with the offer of a lump of sugar, brought him to terms.

His face being washed, he and his mother marched forth to school, where he laid the foundation of the education that served him so well in after life.

A man of tact, intelligence, and superior education moving in the midst of a mass of ignorant people, ofttimes has a sway more absolute than that of monarchs.

Belton now entered the school-room, which in his case proves to be the royal court, whence he emerges an uncrowned king.


The school.

The house in which the colored school was held was, in former times, a house of worship for the white Baptists of Winchester.  It was a long, plain, frame structure, painted white.  Many years prior to the opening of the colored school it had been condemned as unsafe by the town authorities, whereupon the white Baptists had abandoned it for a more beautiful modern structure.

The church tendered the use of the building to the town for a public school for the colored children.  The roof was patched and iron rods were used to hold together the twisting walls.  These improvements being made, school was in due time opened.  The building was located on the outskirts of the town, and a large open field surrounded it on all sides.

As Mrs. Piedmont and her son drew near to this building the teacher was standing on the door-steps ringing his little hand bell, calling the children in from their recess.  They came running at full speed, helter skelter.  By the time they were all in Mrs. Piedmont and Belton had arrived at the step.  When Mr. Leonard saw them about to enter the building an angry scowl passed over his face, and he muttered half aloud:  “Another black nigger brat for me to teach.”

The steps were about four feet high and he was standing on the top step.  To emphasize his disgust, he drew back so that Mrs. Piedmont would pass him with no danger of brushing him.  He drew back rather too far and began falling off the end of the steps.  He clutched at the door and made such a scrambling noise that the children turned in their seats just in time to see his body rapidly disappearing in a manner to leave his feet where his head ought to be.

Such a yell of laughter as went up from the throats of the children!  It had in it a universal, spontaneous ring of savage delight which plainly told that the teacher was not beloved by his pupils.

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