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These men who engineered and participated in these rebellions were the future leaders of their race.  In these rebellions, they learned the power of combinations, and that white men could be made to capitulate to colored men under certain circumstances.  In these schools, probably one hundred thousand students had these thoughts instilled in them.  These one hundred thousand went to their respective homes and told of their prowess to their playmates who could not follow them to the college walls.  In the light of these facts the great events yet to be recorded are fully accounted for.

Remember that this was Belton’s first taste of rebellion against the whites for the securing of rights denied simply because of color.  In after life he is the moving, controlling, guiding spirit in one on a far larger scale; it need not come as a surprise.  His teachers and school-mates predicted this of him.


A sermon, A sock and A fight.

Belton remained at Stowe University, acquiring fame as an orator and scholar.  His intellect was pronounced by all to be marvelously bright.

We now pass over all his school career until we come to the closing days of the session in which he graduated.  School was to close on Thursday, and the Sunday night previous had been designated as the time for the Baccalaureate sermon.  On this occasion the entire school assembled in the general assembly room,—­the graduating class occupying the row of front seats stretching across the room.  The class, this year, numbered twenty-five; and they presented an appearance that caused the hearts of the people to swell with pride.

Dr. Lovejoy, president of the University, was to preach the sermon.  He chose for his text, “The Kingdom of God is within us.”  We shall choose from his discourse just such thoughts as may throw light upon some events yet to be recorded, which might not otherwise be accounted for: 

“Young men, we shall soon push you forth into the midst of a turbulent world, to play such a part as the voice of God may assign you.  You go forth, amid the shouts and huzzahs of cheering friends, and the anxious prayers of the faithful of God.  The part that you play, the character of your return journey, triumphant or inglorious, will depend largely upon how well you have learned the lesson of this text.  Remember that the kingdom of God is within you.  Do not go forth into the world to demand favors of the world, but go forth to give unto the world.  Be strong in your own hearts.

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