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I felt that beneath the South a mine had been dug and filled with dynamite, and that lighted fuses were lying around in careless profusion, where any irresponsible hand might reach them and ignite the dynamite.  I fancied that I saw a man do this very thing in a sudden fit of uncontrollable rage.  There was a dull roar as of distant rumbling thunder.  Suddenly there was a terrific explosion and houses, fences, trees, pavement stones, and all things on earth were hurled high into the air to come back a mass of ruins such as man never before had seen.  The only sound to be heard was a universal groan; those who had not been killed were too badly wounded to cry out.

Such were the thoughts that passed through my mind.  I was determined to remove the possibility of such a catastrophe.  I decided to prove traitor and reveal the existence of the Imperium that it might be broken up or watched.  My deed may appear to be the act of a vile wretch, but it is done in the name of humanity.  Long ere you shall have come to this line, I shall have met the fate of a traitor.  I die for mankind, for humanity, for civilization.  If the voice of a poor Negro, who thus gives his life, will be heard, I only ask as a return that all mankind will join hands and help my poor down-trodden people to secure those rights for which they organized the Imperium, which my betrayal has now destroyed.  I urge this because love of liberty is such an inventive genius, that if you destroy one device it at once constructs another more powerful.

When will all races and classes of men learn that men made in the image of God will not be the slaves of another image?


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