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Table of Contents
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Start of eBook1
Racial Origin1
Southern Origin Improbable2
Expansion of Races from North to South2
Arrival of the Chinese in China2
The K’un-lun Mountains3
Provisional Conclusion3
Inorganic Environment4
Organic Environment5
Sociological Environment5
Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Characters6
Marriage in Early Times7
Marriage in Monarchical and Republican Periods7
Parents and Children8
Political History9
General Government10
Local Government13
Military System13
Ecclesiastical Institutions14
Professional Institutions15
Accessory Institutions15
Bodily Mutilations16
Funeral Rites17
Laws of Intercourse18
Habits and Customs19
Sports and Games21
Domestic Life21
Industrial Institutions22
Agriculture and Rearing of Livestock23
Sentiments and Moral Ideas23
Religious Ideas24
Achievements of the Chinese27
Mythology and Intellectual Progress29
The Chinese Intellect29
The Influence of Religion30
History and Myth30
Chinese Rigidity31
The Prerequisites to Myth31
Stimulus Necessary32
Persistent Soul-expression33
The Character of Chinese Myth33
Periods Fertile in Myth34
Sources of Chinese Myth35
Phases of Chinese Myth35
Tso-ch’iu Ming and Lieh Tzu36
The T’ang and Sung Epochs36
Myth and Doubt37
Myth and Legend37
The Fashioner of the Universe38
The Sun and the Moon38
P’an Ku and Ymer39
P’an Ku a Late Creation39
Nue Kua Shih, the Repairer of the Heavens40
Early Cosmogony Dualistic41
The Canon of Changes42
The Five Elements42
Chu Hsi’s Monistic Philosophy44
Confucius’s Agnosticism45
Mo Tzu and Creation45
Mencius and the First Cause45
Lieh Tzu’s Absolute45
Chuang Tzu’s Super-tao46
Popular Cosmogony still Personal or Dualistic46
The Birth of the Soul47
The Populous Otherworld47
Worship of Shang Ti47
Worship of T’ien48
Confusion of Shang Ti and T’ien49
The Otherworld Similar to this World50
The Three Religions51
The Super-triad52
Worship of the Living52
Confucius not a God53
The God of Literature54
Wen Ch’ang and the Great Bear54
Wen Ch’ang and Tzu T’ung56
Heaven-deaf and Earth-dumb56
Image of K’uei Hsing57
Mr Redcoat57
Mr Redcoat nods his Head58
Mr Golden Cuirass58
The God of War59
The Meat-seller’s Challenge59
The Oath in the Peach-orchard60
Buddhism in China62
Buddha, the Law, and the Priesthood62
Diamond Kings of Heaven63
Legend of the Diamond Kings64
Hua-hu Tiao devours Yang Chien64
The Three Pure Ones65
The Three Causes66
Yuean-shih T’ien-tsun67
An Avatar of P’an Ku67
Yue Huang69
The Cask of Pearls69
The Legend of Yue Huang69
T’ung-t’ien Chiao-chu70
Immortals, Heroes, Saints71
The God of the Immortals72
Hsi Wang Mu72
The Feast of Peaches72
The First Taoist Pope73
The Founder of Modern Taoism74
The Peach-gathering74
Chang Tao-ling’s Great Power75
Kings of Heaven75
T’ai I76
Goddess of the North Star76
Snorter and Blower77
Blue Dragon and White Tiger78
Apotheosized Philosophers79
Fanning the Grave79
Husband and Wife79
Canonized Generalissimos80
The Three Musical Brothers80
The Dragon-boat Festival81
Chiang Tzu-ya81
The Battle of Mu Yeh81
A Legend of Chiang Tzu-ya81
No-cha defeats Chang Kuei-fang82
Tzu-ya goes to K’un-lun82
He receives the List of Immortals82
The Soaring Head83
The Ancient Immortal saves the Situation83
Ch’iung Hsiao’s Magic Scissors84
Chiang Tzu-ya defeats Wen Chung84
The Red Sand Battle85
Further Fighting85
Thousand-li Eye and Favourable-wind Ear86
How the Brothers were Defeated87
Celestial Ministries88
Protectors of the People88
The Ch’eng-huang88
The Kitchen-god89
Ts’an Nue90
The God of Happiness91
The God of Wealth91
The God of Longevity92
The Door-gods92
Chinese Polytheism93
Astrological Superstitions94
Various Star-gods94
Shooting the Heavenly Dog95
The Sun-king95
The Steep Summit96
The Divine Archer96
Vanquishes the Wind-spirit97
Dispels the Nine False Suns97
Marries the Sister of the Water-spirit97
Slays Various Dangerous Creatures98
Builds a Palace for Chin Mu98
Kills Chisel-tooth98
Heng O flies to the Moon99
The Sun-palace and the Bird of Dawn99
Shen I visits the Moon100
The Herdsman and the Weaver-girl101
The Twenty-eight Constellations102
A Victim of Ta Chi103
Myths of Time104
The Planet Jupiter104
Legend of T’ai Sui105
Worship of T’ai Sui105
The Ministry of Thunder and Storms106
The President of the Ministry of Thunder106
The Duke of Thunder107
Lei Kung in the Tree107
The Mysterious Bottle108
Lei Chen-tzu108
The Mother of Lightning109
The Origin of the Spirit of Lightning109
The God of the Wind109
The Master of Rain110
The One-legged Bird111
Ma Yuean-shuai111
The Dragons111
The Dragon-kings112
The Foolish Dragon113
The Ministry of Waters114
An Unauthorized Portrait114
The Shipwrecked Servant115
A Battle and its Results116
The Dragon in the Pond116
The Spirits of the Well116
The Dragon-king’s Daughter117
Golden Dragon Great Prince117
The Old Mother of the Waters118
The Magic Vermicelli119
Hsue, the Dragon-slayer120
The Spiritual Alligator120
The Great Flood121
The Marriage of the River-god121
Legend of the Building of Peking122
The Sealed Packet123
A Desolate Region123
The Prince opens the Sealed Packet123
The City is Founded124
General Prosperity125
A Drought and its Cause125
The Prince’s Dream125
The Pursuit of the Dragons126
An Unexpected Flood126
The Waters Subside126
The Origin of Chen-shui T’a126
The Ministry of Fire127
A Conflagration127
C’ih Ching-tzu127
The Red Emperor128
Hui Lu128
The Fire-emperor129
The Ministry of Epidemics129
The President of the Ministry129
The Plague-disseminating Umbrellas130
The Five Graduates130
The Emperors Strategy131
The Musicians are Slain131
The Emperor Tormented132
The Graduates Canonized132
The Ministry of Medicine133
The Medicine-gods133
The Ministry of Exorcism133
The Guardian Angel of Buddhism135
The Buddhist Saviour136
Miao Chuang desires an Heir136
Prayers to the Gods137
The Murder of the Tais137
A Message for Yue Huang138
Birth of the Three Daughters138
Miao Shan’s Ambition138
Her Sisters Marry139
Miao Shan’s Renunciation139
She is Exiled to the Garden140
The Nunnery of the White Bird140
Her Reception at the Nunnery141
She makes Offering to the Buddha141
Spiritual Aid141
The Nunnery on Fire142
The Execution of Miao Shan143
Miao Shan visits the Infernal Regions144
Hell a Paradise145
A Test of Virtue145
Miao Shan attains to Perfection146
A Ruse147
The Transformation of Shan Ts’ai147
The King’s Punishment148
The Disguised Priest-doctor148
Strange Medicine149
A Conspiracy that Failed150
A Confession and its Results151
The Gruesome Remedy151
The King Cured152
The King’s Daughter153
The King and Queen taken Prisoners153
The King’s Repentance153
Sackcloth and Ashes154
The King renounces the Throne154
Pardon of the Green Lion and the White Elephant154
Miao Shan becomes a Buddha154
Pa Hsien155
Li T’ieh-kuai155
Chung-li Ch’uean157
Lan Ts’ai-ho158
Chang Kuo158
Ho Hsien Ku159
Lue Tung-pin160
Han Hsiang Tzu161
Ts’ao Kuo-chiu162
Pa Hsien Kuo Hai164
Li, the Pagoda-bearer164
An Avatar of the Intelligent Pearl165
A Precocious Youth165
The Slaying of the Dragon-king’s Son166
An Unruly Son167
Drastic Measures167
No-cha draws a Bow at a Venture168
Another Encounter168
No-cha commits Hara-Kiri169
A Habitation for the Soul169
Li Ching destroys his Son’s Statue170
No-cha consults his Master170
A New No-cha170
A Battle between Father and Son171
Peace at the Last171
Multifarious Versatile Divinities172
Chun T’i172
The One-eyed Peacock173
Arrangements for the Siege173
Offence and Defence173
Attempts at Revenge174
The Golden-bearded Turtle174
The Battle Won174
The Hsi Yu Chi175
Legend of Sun Hou-tzu175
A Rod of Iron176
Grand Master of the Heavenly Stables177
Grand Superintendent of the Heavenly Peach-garden177
Double Immortality177
Sun Hou-tzu Captured178
Sun escapes from Lao Chuen’s Furnace178
Broad-jump Competition179
Conditions of Release179
Sha Ho-shang180
Sha Ho-shang becomes Baggage-coolie180
Chu Pa-chieh180
Hsuean Chuang, the Master181
The Released Carp181
The Chuang Yuean Murdered181
Hsuean Chuang finds his Grandmother182
The Murderer Executed183
The Carp’s Gratitude183
Pai Ma, the White Horse183
Perils by the Way184
The Grove of Cypress-trees184
A Proposal of Marriage184
Blind Man’s Buff185
The Lotus Cave186
The Monkey under the Mountain187
The Magic Gourd187
The Magic Rope188
The Master Rescued188
The Red Child Demon189
A Prospective Feast189
The Generals Tricked189
The Demons of Blackwater River190
The Slow-carts Country190
Restraints on Freedom191
Immortal for Suffering191
The Saviour of the Buddhists191
Anger of the Buddhist Priests192
Sun bestows Talismans192
The Magic Circle193
Help from Ju Lai194
The Fire-quenching Fan194
The Power of the Magic Fan195
Defeat of the Ox-demon196
The Lovely Women196
An Awkward Predicament196
How the Master was Rescued196
The Spiders and the Extinguisher197
Shaving a Whole City197
The Return to China198
The Travellers Honoured199
The Fox200
Fox Legends200
Friendship with Foxes200
The Marriage Lottery201
The Magnanimous Girl203
The Boon-companion205
The Unnatural People208
The Pygmies208
The Giants209
The Headless People209
The Armless People210
The Long-armed and Long-legged People210
The One-eyed People and Others210
The People of the Punctured Bodies211
The Women’s Kingdom211
The Land of the Flying Cart211
The Expectant Wife211
The Wild Men212
The Jointed Snake213
The Casting of the Great Bell213
The Cursed Temple216
The Maniac’s Mite217
The City-god of Yen Ch’eng218
The Origin of a Lake219
Miao Creation Legends220
The Dream of the South Branch221
Ch’un-yue Fen enters the Locust-tree223
He marries the King’s Daughter223
He writes to his Father225
He takes Office225
He meets with Disasters226
He returns Home226
Ch’un-yue Regenerate228
Why the Jung Tribe have Heads of Dogs228
Two Tribes at War228
The Chief’s Promise228
A Strange Contract229
The Chiefs Curiosity229
The Origin of a Custom229
And of a Worship229
The Pronunciation of Chinese Words230
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