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Chapter I. In Which I Am Late For School.1
Chapter II.  Andrew Drever’s School2
Chapter III.  A Half Holiday.5
Chapter IV.  Sandy Ericson, Pilot.7
Chapter V. The Hen Harrier.9
Chapter VI.  “Better Gear Than Rats.”13
Chapter VII.  What The Shingle Revealed.16
Chapter VIII.  Dividing The Spoil.18
Chapter IX.  Captain Gordon.24
Chapter X. The Dominie Explains.26
Chapter XI.  My Sister Jessie.30
Chapter XII.  A Tragedy And A Transportation.35
Chapter XIII.  In Which I Receive A Present.37
Chapter XIV.  Thora.38
Chapter XV.  In Which The Viking’s Amulet Is Proved.41
Chapter XVI.  Wherein I Go A-Fishing.48
Chapter XVII.  How The Golden Rule Was Kept.52
Chapter XVIII.  The Wreck Of The “Undine.”58
Chapter XIX.  Tom Kinlay’s Bargain.62
Chapter XX.  The Opposition Boat.65
Chapter XXI.  The Rescue.71
Chapter XXII.  After The Accident.73
Chapter XXIII.  Gray’s Inn.75
Chapter XXIV.  Carver Kinlay’s Success.79
Chapter XXV.  A Family Removal.84
Chapter XXVI.  A Subterranean Adventure.87
Chapter XXVII.  A Family Misfortune.94
Chapter XXVIII.  Captain Flett Of The “Falcon.”97
Chapter XXIX.  In Which The “Falcon” Sets Sail.101
Chapter XXX.  An Orcadian Voyage.104
Chapter XXXI.  An Arctic Waif.109
Chapter XXXII.  The Last Of The “Pilgrim.”114
Chapter XXXIII.  The Light In The Gaulton Cave.116
Chapter XXXIV.  Colin Lothian Makes An Accusation.117
Chapter XXXV.  A Search And A Discovery.123
Chapter XXXVI.  Trapped In The Cave.127
Chapter XXXVII.  In Which I Am Put Under Arrest.130
Chapter XXXVIII.  Accused Of Murder.133
Chapter XXXIX.  An Unprofessional Inquiry.136
Chapter XL.  Ephraim Quendale.145
Chapter XLI.  The Last Of The Kinlays.150
Chapter XLII.  A Choice Among Three.152
Chapter XLIII.  Thora’s Answer.156
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