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Naomi, Daniel at the Belshazzar Feast and in the Lions’ Den, Elijah at Mt.  Carmel and before Ahab, Joseph and his brethren, David and Goliath, Mary and the Child, Jesus, the Prodigal Son, the Sower, the Good Samaritan, the Rich Young Man, the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, Jesus in the Temple, Christ Entering Jerusalem, and in the Garden of Gethsemane, and The Saviour on the Cross—­these are but a few of the word pictures that have inspired the artist’s brush.

But there is another picture, unsurpassed in thrilling power and permanent interest, namely, that presented by the trial of Christ—­tragedy of tragedies, triumph of triumphs!

Here, face to face, stood Pilate and Christ, the representatives of the two opposing forces that have ever contended for dominion in the world.  Pilate was the personification of force; behind him was the Roman government, undisputed ruler of the then known world, supported by its invincible legions.  Before Pilate stood Christ, the embodiment of love—­unarmed, alone.  And force triumphed; they nailed Him to the cross, and the mob that had assembled to witness His sufferings, mocked and jeered and said:  “He is dead.”  But from that day the power of Caesar waned and the power of Christ increased.  In a few centuries the Roman government was gone and its legions forgotten, while the Apostle of Love has become the greatest fact in history and the growing figure of all time.

Who will estimate the Bible’s value to society?  It is our only guide.  It contains milk for the young and nourishing food for every year of life’s journey; it is manna for those who travel in the wilderness; and it provides a staff for those who are weary with age.  It satisfies the heart’s longings for a knowledge of God; it gives a meaning to existence and supplies a working plan to each human being.

It holds up before us ideals that are within sight of the weakest and the lowliest, and yet so high that the best and the noblest are kept with their faces turned ever upward.  It carries the call of the Saviour to the remotest corners of the earth; on its pages are written the assurances of the present and our hopes for the future.

There are three verses in the first chapter of Genesis which mean more to man than all other books outside the Bible.  First; the verse, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” gives us the only account of the beginning of all things, including life.  Many substitutes have been proposed for this verse but none that can be so easily understood, explained and defended.
Second:  the 24th verse gives us the only law governing the continuity of life on earth.  If life is to continue, reproduction must be according to law or lawless. Reproduction according to kind is the basic scientific fact in the world; all the books on science combined do not state as much that is of value to man as this one verse—­it is the foundation of family
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