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If your preparation is complete so that you are conscious of your ability to do great things; if you have faith in your fellowmen and become a colabourer with them in the raising of the general level of society; if you have faith in our form of government and seek to purge it of its imperfections so as to make it more and more acceptable to our own people and to the oppressed of other nations; and if, in addition, you have faith in God and in the triumph of the right, no one can set limits to your achievements.  This is the greatest of all ages in which to live.  The railroads and the telegraph wires have brought the corners of the earth close together, and it is easier to-day for one to be helpful to the whole world than it was a few centuries ago to be helpful to the inhabitants of a single valley.  This is the age of great opportunity and of great responsibility.  Let your faith be large, and let this large faith inspire you to perform a large service.

Because the preacher has consecrated himself to God’s service and seeks divine guidance from the Bible and through prayer, he is able to speak with absolute confidence.  His trust is the measure of his strength; because he knows what Christ has done for him he knows what Christ can do for others.  His own experience is the foundation of his trust in the Gospel that he preaches.  Because a miracle was wrought in his own life he knows that the day of miracles is not past; because one heart has been regenerated he knows that all hearts can be, and that Christ, through His power to transform the life of each individual, can transform a world.

I beg you to prepare yourselves to proclaim the Word of God by voice as well as with pen.  You have a mighty message for a waiting world—­a message worthy of all your powers of heart and mind and tongue.


P.  WHITWELL WILSON Author of the “Christ We Forget

The Vision We Forget

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The author of “The Kingdom in Mystery."_

Thinking Through the New Testament

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A course of study in the books of the New Testament.  Dr. Ross has prepared a volume which can be used by the individual student as well as by study groups.


Making the Bible Real

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