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    Canned Green Corn Soup
    Creamed Potato
    Green Peas
    Tomato and Macaroni
    Toasted Wafers
    Beaten Biscuit
    Canned Peaches
    Fruit and Nuts

Both the rolled wheat and rice may be prepared the day previous, as may also the prune sauce for the toast, the buns, bread, and nearly all the other foods.  The potatoes can be boiled and sliced, the corn for the soup rubbed through the colander and placed in the ice chest, the green peas boiled but not seasoned, and the macaroni cooked and added to the tomato but not seasoned.  The berries may be hulled, the nuts cracked, and the canned fruit opened.  If the table is laid over night and covered with a spread to keep off dust, a very short time will suffice for getting the Sabbath breakfast.  Heat the rolled wheat in the inner dish of a double boiler.  Meanwhile moisten the toast; and heat the prune sauce.

To prepare the dinner, all that is necessary is to add to the material for soup the requisite amount of milk and seasoning, and heat to boiling; heat and season the peas and macaroni; make a cream sauce and add the potatoes; reheat the rice, which should have been cooked by steaming after the recipe given on page 99.

All may be done in half an hour, while the table is being laid, and with very little labor.



     To the days of the aged it addeth length;
     To the might of the strong it addeth strength;
     It freshens the heart, it brightens the sight;
     ’T is like quaffing a goblet of morning light.


It is said that Worcester sauce was first introduced as a medicine, the original formula having been evolved by a noted physician to disguise the assafetida which it contains, for the benefit of a noble patient whose high living had impaired his digestion.

    The turnpike road to people’s hearts I find
    Lies through their mouth, or I mistake mankind.—­Dr. Wolcott.

    A good dinner sharpens wit, while it softens the heart.—­Daran.

    Small cheer and great welcome make a merry feast.—­Shakespeare.


    Absorption 38
    Acetic acid 119
    Acetic fermentation 119
    Acorn coffee 433
    A fourteenth century recipe 219
    After mealtime 471
    Aladdin cooker 66
    Albumen 26, 53, 78, 365, 384
    Albumenized milk 425
    Alcoholic fermentation 119
    Almond cornstarch pudding 321
      cream 321
      paste, to prepare 298
      sauce 352
    Almonds 212
      blanched 212, 215
    Alum, how to detect in flour 115
    Ancient recipe for cooking barley 95
    Animal food 391

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