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FI’CTION, s. a fanciful invention; a probable or improbable invention;
    a falsehood; a lie

FIDE’LITY, s. honesty; faithful adherence

FI’GURE, s. shape; person; stature; the form of anything as terminated
    by the outline

FI’LIAL, a. pertaining to a son; befitting a son; becoming the
    relation of a son

FI’RMAMENT, s. sky; heavens

FLA’GON, s. a vessel with a narrow mouth

FLA’MBEAU, s. (pronounced flam-bo) a lighted torch

FLA’VOUR, s. power of pleasing the taste; odour

    FLEUR-DE-LIS, s. (French for a lily, pronounced flur-de-lee) a
    term applied in architecture and heraldry

FLE’XIBLE, a. capable of being bent; pliant; not brittle; complying: 
    obsequious; ductile; manageable

FLOAT, v.n. to swim on the surface of water; to move without labour in
    a fluid; to pass with a light irregular course; v.a. to cover with

FLO’RIDNESS, s. freshness of colour

FLO’URISH, v.a. and v.n. yield; prosper; wield; adorn

FLU’CTUATE, v.n. roll to and again, as water in agitation; be in an
    uncertain state

FLU’ID, a. anything not solid

FLU’TTER, v.n. move irregularly; take short flights with great
    agitation of the wines

FO’LIAGE, s. leaves; tuft of leaves

FO’LLOWING, a. coming after another

FOME’NT, v.a. cherish with heat; encourage

FO’REFATHER, s. ancestor

FO’REIGN, a. not in this country; not domestic; remote; not belonging

FO’REPART, s. anterior part

FO’REST, s. a wild uncultivated tract of ground, with wood

FO’RMER, a. before another in time; the first of two

FO’RMIDABLE, a. terrible; dreadful; tremendous

FORTIFICA’TION, s. the science of military architecture; a place built
    for strength

FO’RTITUDE, s. courage; bravery; strength

FO’RWARD, v.a. hasten; quicken; advance

FO’RWARD, a. warm; earnest; quick; ready

FO’RWARD, ad. onward; straight before

FO’RWARDNESS, s. eagerness; ardour; quickness; confidence

FOSSE, s. a ditch; a moat

FOUNDA’TION, s. the basis or lower parts of an edifice; the act of
    fixing the basis; original; rise

FRA’GMENT, s. a part broken from the whole; an imperfect piece

FRA’NTIC, a. mad; deprived of understanding

FREE’STONE, s. stone commonly used in building, so called because it
    can be cut freely in all directions

FREIGHT, s. anything with which a ship is loaded; the money due for
    transportation of goods

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