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The Illustrated London Reading Book eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 275 pages of information about The Illustrated London Reading Book.

ETE’RNALLY, ad. incessantly; for evermore

ETE’RNITY, s. duration without beginning or end

ETHE’REAL, a. belonging to the higher regions

EVA’PORATE, v.a. to drive away in fumes

E’VENING, s. the close of the day; beginning of night

EVE’NTUALLY, ad. in the event; in the last result

E’VIDENT, a. plain; notorious

EXA’CT, a. nice; not deviating from rule; careful

EXA’MINE, v.a. search into; make inquiry into

EXA’MPLE, s. copy or pattern

E’XCAVATE, v.a. hollow; cut into hollows

EXCE’L, v.a. to outgo in good qualities; to surpass

E’XCELLENCE, s. the state of abounding in any good quality; dignity;

E’XCELLENT, a. eminent in any good quality; of great value

EXCE’PT, prep. exclusively of; unless

EXCE’SSIVE, a. beyond the common proportion

EXCI’TE, v.a. rouse; animate

EXCLU’DE, v.a. shut out; debar

EXCLU’SIVE, a. having the power of excluding or denying admission

EXCRU’CIATE, v.a. torture; torment

EXCU’RSION, s. an expedition into some distant part

EXCU’RSIVE, a. rambling; deviating

EXECU’TION, s. performance; practice; slaughter

EXE’MPLARY, a. such as may give warning to others; such as may attract
    notice and imitation

E’XERCISE, s. labour of the mind or body

EXE’RTION, s. the act of exerting; effort

EXHI’BIT, v.a. to offer to view; show; display

EXHIBI’TION, s. the act of exhibiting; display

EXHI’LARATE, v.a. make cheerful; cheer; enliven

EXI’STENCE, s. state of being

EXPA’ND, v.a. to spread; to extend on all sides

EXPA’NSE, s. a body widely extended without inequalities

EXPE’DIENT, s. that which helps forward as means to an end

EXPEDI’TION, s. an excursion

EXPE’L, v.a. drive away; banish; eject

EXPE’RIENCE, s. knowledge gained by practice

EXPE’RIENCED, a. wise by long practice

EXPE’RIMENT, s. a trial of anything

EXPI’RE, v.a. breathe out; close; bring to an end

EXPLO’SION, s. an outburst; a sudden crash

EXPO’RT, v.a. carry out of a country

EXPO’SE, v.a. lay open; make bare; put in danger

EXPRE’SSION, s. the form of language in which any thoughts are
    uttered; the act of squeezing out anything

E’XQUISITE, a. excellent; consummate; complete

EXTE’MPORE, ad. without premeditation; suddenly

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