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  Speculations, financial
  Ss[)u]-ma, clan
  Ss[)u]-ma Ch’ien, historian
  Ss[)u]-ma Kuang, historian
  Ss[)u]-ma Yen, ruler
  States, territorial and national
    State religion
  Statistics (see Population)
  Stone age
  Stratification, social (see Classes, Social mobility)
  Su Chuen, rebel
  Su Tsung, T’ang ruler
  Su Tung-p’o, poet
  su-wang (uncrowned king)
  Sui, dynasty
  Sun Ts’e, ruler
  Sun Yat-sen (Sun I-hsien), revolutionary leader, president
  Sung, dynasty
    Liu-Sung dynasty
  Szechwan (Ss[)u]-ch’uan), province (see Shu)

  Ta-tan (Tatars), tribal federation
  Tada, Japanese militarist
  Tai, tribes (see Thailand)
  Tai Chen, philosopher
  Tai Ch’ing dynasty (Manchu)
  T’ai P’ing, state
  T’ai Tsu, Sung ruler
    Manchu ruler
  T’ai Tsung, T’ang ruler (see Li Shih-min)
  Taiwan (T’ai-wan, see Formosa)
  T’an-yao, priest
  Tanaka, Japanese militarist
  T’ang, dynasty
    Later T’ang dynasty
  T’ang Hsien-tsu, writer
  T’ang Yin, painter
  Tanguts, Tibetan tribal federation and/or state (see Ch’iang)
  Tao, philosophical term
  Tao-kuang, reign period
  Tao-te-ching, book
  T’ao-t’ieh, mythical emblem
  Tao-yen, monk
  Taoism, religion
    (see Lao Tz[)u], Chuang Tz[)u], Chang Ling, etc.)
  Tarim basin
  Tatars (Ta-tan) Mongolian tribal federation
    Tax collectors
    Tax evasion
    Tax exemptions
    Taxes for monks
    Tax reform
  Te Tsung, Manchu ruler
    Tea trade
    Tea house (see Brothel)
  Teachers (see Schools)
  Tell, archaeological term
  Temples (see Monasteries)
  Tengri khan, ruler
  Textile industry (see Silk, Cotton)
  Thailand, state (see Tai tribes)
  Theatre (see Shadow, Puppet, Opera)
  Throne, accession to (see Abdication, Legitimacy)
  Ti, Tibetan tribes
  Tibet (see Ch’iang, Ti, T’u-fan, T’u-yue-hun, Lhasa Tanguts)
  T’ien, deity
  Tientsin (T’ien-chin), city
  Timur, ruler
  Ting-ling, tribal federation
  T’o-pa (see Toba)
  T’o-t’o, writer
  Toba, Turkish tribal federation
  Tocharians, Central Asian ethnic group
  Tokto (see T’o-t’o)
  Toeloes, Turkish tribal group
  Tonking, state
  Totalitarianism (see Dictatorship, Fascism, Communism)
  Tou Ku, general
  T’ou-man, ruler
  Towns (see City)
    barter trade
    international trade
    (see Merchants, Commerce, Caravans, Silk road)
  Transportation (see Roads, Canals,

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