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Folwen, v. to follow, C2, C3, PP; fol3*en, MD, S; folewe, S2, PP; folgen, S; foll3*henn, S; folhin, S; fallow, S2; filghe, S2; foluand, pr. p., S2; folheA deg., pr. s.., S; folhes, S; foleweA deg., S; feleweA deg., S; fulwes, S2; folgede, pt. s., MD; folwede, PP; folgeden, pl., S; folecheden, S; folud, S2; 3*e-folged, pp., S; i-folew-*ed, PP; y-folowed, PP.—­AS. folgian (fylgean); cp.  OHG. folgAn (Otfrid).

Fon, v. to seize, grasp, take, receive, S, S2; fo on, I pr. pl. sub, begin, S; feng, pt. s. began, MD; feng on, S; veng, S2; feng, pl., S2.—­AS. fA cubedn, I pr. s. fA cubed, pt. feng, pp. fongen.

Fon,, adj. few, S2; foner,. comA3/4. fewer, S2; see Fewe.

Fond; see Fonnen.

Fongen, v. to take, receive, PP, S, S2, S3; fangen, PP; fang, S2; see Fon.

Fonger, sb. receiver, S2.

Fo-man, sb. foeman, PP; fomon, S2; famen, pl., S, S2; vamen, S. See Foo.

Fonne, adj. and sb. foolish, a fool, MD; fone, HD; fon, MD, H, HD.—­Cp.  Swed. fAYne, a fool.

Fonnen, v. to act foolishly, MD; fonned, pp. as adj. foolish, fond, W, HD; fond, S3, HD.  See above.

Font, sb, font, PP; fount, S2,PP; foun3*t, S2. Comb.:  funt-fat, font-vessel, S; fant-ston, font-stone, S; fontstoon, C3; fun-ston, HD.—­Church Lat. fontem.

Foo, adj. and sb., hostile, guilty, a foe, PP, C2; fo, PP, S2; uo, S2; fa,.  S; faa, S2; foon, pl., S3, C2, G, PP; fon, PP, S2; fan, S; uan, S; foin, HD; foyn, MD; fo, S; foos, PP, C2; faas, S2; faes, S2; fais, S2; fays, S3; fayis, S2.—­AS. fAih, pl. fAi; cp.  Goth,. fihan, to hate; see Brugmann, ASec. 458.  Cf. Feend.

Foole, sb. fool, S3; fool, PP. Comb.:  fool sage, licensed jester, PP; foole large, foolishly liberal, S3; foole largely, S3; see Fole.

Foom, sb. foam, C3, MD; fame, HD; fom, S2, MD; fome, MD, C3; ~ faym~, S3.—­AS. fAim; cp.  MHG. feim.

Foot, sb. foot, also, a measure, S2, C3,.  HD; fot, S, S2; fut, B; foote, PP; fote, PP; vote, dat., S; fute, B; fet, pl., S; fett, S; vet, S. Comb.:  foothot, instantly, S2, C3; fote hote, HD; futhate, futhat,B.—­AS. fA cubedt:  Goth. fotus.

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