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SEC. 10. Remarks on Fruit.

Diversity of opinion.  The cholera.  Fruits useful.  Seven plain rules in regard to them.  Other rules.  A mistake corrected.  Fruit before breakfast.  Four arguments in its favor.  Particular fruits.  Apples.  Why fruits brought to market are generally unfit to be eaten.  Are good, ripe fruits difficult of digestion?  Cooking the apple?  A man who lives entirely on apples.  Cutting down orchards.  Pears, peaches, melons, grapes.  Mixing improper substances with summer fruits.

SEC. 11. Confectionary.

Confectionary sometimes poisonous.  Case in New York.  All, or nearly all confectionaries injurious.  Physical evils attending their use.  Intellectual evils.  Moral evils.  The last most to be dreaded.  Slaves to confectionary are on the road to gluttony, drunkenness, or debauchery—­perhaps all three.

SEC. 12. Pastry.

Dr. Paris’s opinion of pastry.  Various forms of it.  Hot flour bread a species of it.  Produces, among other evils, eruptions on the face.  Appeal to mothers.

SEC. 13. Crude, or Raw Substances.

Salads, herbs, &c.—­raw—­cooked.  Nuts, spices, mustard, horseradish, onions, cucumbers, pickles, &c.  None of these should be used, except as medicine.


Infants need little drink.  Adults, even, generally drink to cool themselves.  Simple water the best drink.  Opinions of Dr. Oliver and Dr. Dewees.  Animal food increases thirst.  Only one real drink in the world.  The true object of all drink.  Tea, coffee, chocolate, beer, &c.  Milk and water, molasses and water, &c.  Cider, wine, and ardent spirits.  Bad food and drink the most prolific sources of disease.  Children naturally prefer water.  Danger of hot drinks.  Cold drinks.  Mischiefs they produce.  Caution to mothers.  Extracts.  Drinking cold water, while hot.


“Prevention” better than “cure.”  Nine in ten infantile diseases caused by errors in diet and drink.  Signs of failing health.  Causes of a bad breath.  Flesh eaters.  Gormandizers.  General rule for preventing disease.  When to call a physician.


SEC. 1. Rocking in the Cradle.

Objections to the use of cradles.  Under what circumstances they are least objectionable.

SEC. 2. Carrying in the Arms.

Carrying in the arms a suitable exercise for the first two months of life.  Danger of too early sitting up.  Improper position in the arms.  Mothers must see to this themselves.  Motion in the arms should be gentle.  No tossing, running, or jumping.  Infants should not always be carried on the same arm.

SEC. 3. Creeping.

Creeping useful to health.  Why.  Go-carts and leading strings prohibited.  The longer children creep, the better.  Their progress in learning to stand.  Let it be slow and natural.  Let it be, as much as possible, by their own voluntary efforts.

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