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Sec. 11. On the Dress of Girls.

Clothing should be loose for girls or boys.  Girls to be kept warmer than boys.  Few girls comfortable, at home or abroad.  Going out of warm rooms into the night air.  How it promotes disease.


Physiology of the human skin.  Of checking perspiration.  Diseases thus produced.  “Dirt” not “healthy.”  How the mistake originated.  “Smell of the earth.”  Effect of uncleanliness on the morals.  Filthiness produces bowel complaints.  Changing dress for the sake of cleanliness.


Practice of savage nations.  Rather dangerous.  Mistake of Rousseau.  Plunging into cold water at birth may produce immediate death.  Hundreds injured where one is benefited.  Spirits added to the water.  First washings of the child—­should be thorough.  Rules in regard to the temperature of both the water and the air.  Washing an introduction to bathing.  Hour for bathing changes with age.  Temperature of the water.  Size of a bathing vessel.  Unreasonable fears of the warm bath.  How they arose.  A list of common whims.  Apology for opposing cold baths.  Dr Dewees’ eight objections to them.  Does cold water harden?  Cold bath sometimes useful under the care of a skilful physician.  Its danger in other cases.  Rules for using the cold bath, if used at all.  Securing a glow after it.  General management.  Proper hour.  Coming out of the bath.  Dressing.  Singing.  Bathing after a meal.  Local bathing.  Tea-spoonful of water in the mouth.  Its use.  The shower bath.  Vapor bath.  Medicated bath.  Sponging.  Conveniences for bathing indispensable to every family.  General neglect of bathing.  Attention of the Romans to this subject.  We treat domestic animals better than children.


SEC. 1. General Principles.

The mother’s milk the only appropriate food of infants.  Unreasonableness of some mothers.  The tendency to ape foreign fashions.  Nursing does not weaken the mother.

SEC. 2. Conduct of the Mother.

Much depends on the mother.  Opinions of medical societies.  Mothers sometimes make children drunkards.  The general fondness for excitements.  Hints to those whom it concerns.  Caution to mothers.  Opinions of Dr. Dewees.  Slavery of mothers to strong drink and exciting food.  Opinions of the Charleston Board of Health.

SEC. 3. Nursing, how often.

Children should never be nursed to quiet them.  Stomach must have time for rest.  Regular seasons for nursing.  Once in three hours.  Difference of constitution.  Indulgence does not strengthen.  Feeble children require the strictest management.  Nothing should be given between meals.

SEC. 4. Quantity of Food.

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