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Germany shall hand over to Japan within three months from the coming into force of the present Treaty the archives, registers, plans, title-deeds and documents of every kind, wherever they may be, relating to the administration, whether civil, military, financial, judicial or other, of the territory of Kiaochow.

Within the same period Germany shall give particulars to Japan of all treaties, arrangements or agreements relating to the rights, title or privileges referred to in the two preceding Articles.

[Footnote 1:  Reprinted from Senate Doc.  No. 106, 66th Congress, 1st Session, p. 1163.]

[Footnote 2:  From the address of President Wilson delivered at a Joint Session of Congress on January 8, 1918.]


Abrogation of treaties contrary to the League, in Wilson’s original
   draft; in Treaty,

Affirmative guaranty of territory and independence, plan; Wilson adopts,
   in Fourteen Points; Lansing’s opposition; constitutional and
   political arguments against; Lansing’s “self-denying covenant” as
   substitute; in Wilson’s original draft and in Treaty; as continuing
   balance of power; Wilson adheres to; not in Cecil plan; in Lansing’s
   resolution of principles; other substitute; as reason for rejection
   of Treaty by Senate; retained in reported Covenant; and dominance of
   Great Powers. See also Equality of nations; League;
   Self-denying covenant.

Albania, disposition.

Alliances. See French alliance.

Alsace-Lorraine, to be restored to France.

Amendment of League, provision for.

American Bar Association, Lansing’s address.

American Commission, members; ignored in League negotiations; conference
   of January 10; ignorant of preliminary negotiations; question of
   resignation over Shantung settlement; shares in Shantung
   negotiations. See also Bliss; House; Lansing; White; Wilson.

American Peace Society.

American programme, lack of definite, as subject of disagreement;
   Fourteen Points announced; not worked out; insufficiency of Fourteen
   Points; Lansing’s memorandum on territorial settlements; effect of
   President’s attendance at Conference; embarrassment to delegates of
   lack; projet of treaty prepared for Lansing; President resents it;
   no system or team-work in American Commission; reason for President’s
   attitude; no instructions during President’s absence; results of
   lack; and Preliminary Treaty; influence of lack on Wilson’s
   leadership; text of Fourteen Points.

Annunzio, Gabriele d’, at Fiume.

Arabia, disposition. See also Near East.

Arbitral Tribunal, in Lansing’s plan.

Arbitration, as form of peace promotion; in Lansing’s plan; in Wilson’s
   original draft; in Cecil plan; in Treaty. See also Diplomatic
   adjustment; Judicial settlement.

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