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How to Submit Your Resume through Email

In today's modern age of technology and computer dependence in the office, why would applying for jobs be any different? Career websites are set up so that you can submit a resume electronically to corporations through them. Companies all have their own websites with email addresses so that you can contact prospective employers directly. Almost all possible jobs can now be researched, found, and hopefully applied for all from the comfort of your own home computer.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to submit your resume through email.

  1. Create a resume on a word document. Write it, hone it, edit it, allow others to proofread it.
  2. Once your resume is complete, print it out for yourself so that you know what it will look like on paper. If there are any printing problems or formatting problems that you can only see on the page and not simply onscreen, then fix those problems on the word document.
  3. Save the resume on your hard drive and on a floppy disk or CD-Rom.
  4. Research the companies for which you want to work.
  5. Go to their websites. Click on the "Careers" or "Employment" or "Work for Us" link on the website.
  6. Make a list of their Human Resources departments or contact people and email them with your resume.
  7. Create a new blank email.
  8. Send one email to one person at a time. Do not send a group email of your resume. It will appear impersonal.
  9. Write a cover letter into the text space of the email.
  10. Depending on your email server (hotmail, yahoo, Microsoft Office, etc.), you will have an "Attachment" option in the email. It will appear as the word "Attachment" as a link or as an icon of a paper clip.
  11. The computer will ask you to "Browse" for the file you want to attach. Click on the "Browse" option and find your file. If you have saved it on your hard drive, then find it in the same way you would open a regular Word file. The same steps go for Floppy Disk or CD-Rom.
  12. Then, follow the computer's steps and wait for the file to upload.
  13. Re-read the text you wrote into the body of the email and double-check to make sure you actually attached the resume to the email.
  14. Send the email.
  15. Send a follow-up email a week later to make sure that the email and resume was received. You could even follow up with a phone call.

The steps to make contact with employers and secure a job with interviews and conversations remain the same. The ease with sending resumes via email is that you do not have to worry about printing out resumes, you do not have to worry about going to the post office, worrying if it was lost in the mail, or making sure that the correct person received your resume. You are sending it directly to a person, who should receive the resume within moments.