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Most Common Resume Mistakes

Your resume is your calling card in the working world. It will be the one page that you show everyone and every company why you're the best for the job. You don't want to show them how silly and stupid your mistakes can make you seem. The resume is often the first and only thing employers have to go by. Consequently, it must be as perfect as you are. Just like a perfect essay, you don't want a perfectly good job application spoiled by simple mistakes on a resume.

Here are the most common resume mistakes we have found:

  • Illegible name and address
  • Lack of contact information
  • Too much information (too much black on the paper)
  • Too little information (too much white on the paper)
  • Lack of chronology in employment
  • Incorrect Information
  • Misspelled information
  • Lack of continuity in form
  • Forgotten entries (schools, activities, interests)
  • Too long (more than one page)
  • Too short (everyone has enough information to create a full page)
  • Torn or creased paper
  • Incomplete email attachments
  • "Old" resumes (you accidentally send the wrong resume)
  • Font is too fine and small to read

A CV (or Curriculum Vita) is rather an advanced resume. It consists of pages and pages of detailed information about the applicant. A resume is the abridged version and should only cover one page. Employers do not want to shift through pages of details about you. They want you initially shortened into one page, highlighting your strengths and praising your achievements.