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  How to Not Hate Math

How to Not Hate Math

This guide may be a bit rough for you. Math may be the bane of your existence, the thorn in your heel, and the frustration that keeps you awake at night. Or, it may simply be that pestering little course you must take in order to graduate from high school and complete your college degree. The good news is that Math will not plague you forever. You will eventually take the minimum classes in college in order to graduate and then you are finished with it forever. However, until you get to that point, you must take math classes in high school and at least one or two in college.

We've tried to put some ideas together that might make you lose your hatred for the old mathematical skills. Try some. You may surprise yourself and learn that you like punching numbers after all. Math has some elements that are fun and exciting. You may understand why mathematicians spend so much time with their calculators and theorems.

  • Right vs. Wrong: In math, there is a definitive answer. You will never be caught in the subjective world wondering why your grade is low if you did all the work. There is always a right answer. No matter how hard you work, you will be able to find the answer eventually. Because of this establishment, many people learn to love math, for they will never be caught in a world of subjectivity and possibility.
  • Games: Math also brings along with it several games. Math is one of the only subjects that will allow students to solve puzzles and play with numbers. It can even be fun during group class settings when you have timed questions for games, not for grades.
  • Calculators: Calculators are fun little gadgets that accompany math classes. They ease the frustration for some people and bring entertainment for others. If bored in class, you can always punch the buttons on your calculator to keep your busy. And now with such modern technology, calculators even come with games to play.
  • Terminal Classwork: If you simply abhor all subjects related to math and everything about it, then fear not. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will have to take the bare minimum math classes in high school. However, there are so many levels of math in high school, that you may not have to ever take advanced math classes. And in college, you may only have one math class to take to satisfy the requirement for graduation. So, even if you hate math and know you will never like it, you will not have to spend all your time with it. You know that you will just have to get through those few hours until you can eventually concentrate on the coursework you love.
  • Grand Selection: Once you get to college, most schools will offer a large amount of freedom in how you must satisfy that one math requirement. Some people can graduate from college without even taking a basic math class. Math classes will be designed in college for people like you. Therefore, they will be tailored in a different fashion and designed to be taught in a way for people who already hate math. Consequently, you won't hate math entirely.