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How to Give an Oral Report

The same steps apply for oral reports as they do for written reports. However, in this guide, we will go into ways to perfect the oral presentation of your report so that you can impress teachers and students with your knowledge and delivery of information.

Follow these guidelines to ensure success in giving an oral report:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Research the topic at the library and on the internet
  3. Decide on a thesis and find evidence to back up your thesis statement
  4. Create a written outline on paper
  5. Write notes to yourself on paper or on index cards on the main points of the report
  6. Practice speaking the report to yourself
  7. Practice the oral report in front of a mirror
  8. Practice the oral report in front of a friend or family member
  9. Select the appropriate attire for giving the oral report
  10. Give the oral report with your notes in hand

While these suggestions may seem initially quite simple, they are rather self-explanatory. It is important to remember that oral reports are just another strain of written reports. The same information must be presented. The only difference is in the way the information is presented. People who appear calm and collected can convey information sometimes better than just as well-informed people who are anxious in front of a group. Some people write better than they can publicly speak. Consequently, the written report will benefit them more.

Here are some tips on giving an oral report.

  • Do practice in front of people
  • Do practice in front of a mirror so that you can see what you look like
  • Do make eye contact with some people "in the audience"
  • Do not spend the entire oral report staring at your notes
  • Do not recite a written report aloud
  • Do remove all flashy jewelry or noise-making attire before you speak. You do not want distractions from your presentation.
  • Do speak slowly and coherently.

It is important to remember that your oral report is not your written report. Do not write the report in your notes. Simply write an outline of the report as your notes. If you write too much information in your handheld paperwork, then you may run the risk of simply reading an oral statement instead of presenting an oral report.