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Wine in the Wilderness Summary
Alice Childress

Everything you need to understand or teach Wine in the Wilderness by Alice Childress.

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Wine in the Wilderness Summary


Wine in the Wilderness (1969), by Alice Childress, was first performed on WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the series, "On Being Black."

Wine in the Wilderness takes place during a race riot in Harlem, New York City. Bill Jameson, an artist, is working on a "triptych" entitled "Wine in the Wilderness." This series of three paintings is meant to express Bill's "statement" about "black womanhood." The first painting, of a young black girl, is meant to represent the innocence of childhood. The middle painting is of a beautiful African-American woman in African clothing, meant to represent Bill's ideal black woman, whom he refers to as an "African queen," or "the wine in the wilderness." For the third painting, which he hasn't yet started, Bill is looking for a down-and-out woman to model for his image of "what society has made of our women."

Bill's friends introduce him to...

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