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When the Lion Feeds Summary
Wilbur Smith

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When the Lion Feeds Summary

Plot Summary

When the Lion Feeds by Wilbur Smith is a gripping saga beginning with the introduction of twin brothers in Natal in the 1870's. Sean and Garrick Courtney are as close as two brothers can be, and as different at the same time. Bonded from birth, their lives intertwine. Sean is the dominant brother—his father's favorite, and Garrick is mostly content to follow in his shadow. It is this dynamic that orchestrates the hunting accident leaving Garrick without a leg, and Sean responsible. With considerable guilt, Sean is easily manipulated, and Garrick uses this to his advantage regularly. Sean becomes his protector, his confidante, his get-out-of-work-free card, and his safety net until war changes everything.

When they are separated by assignments in battle, Garrick is left without his brother's helping hand for the first time, and inadvertently rises to the occasion. When set upon by Zulu tribesman...

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