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The Last Command Summary
Timothy Zahn

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The Last Command Summary

Plot Summary

The Last Command pits the New Republic against the Grand Admiral Thrawn in a battle for survival. Thrawn's clone production, sped up so much that insanity is guaranteed, must be ended. As Thrawn and the insane Master Jedi Joruus C'baoth vie for control of the Empire, a small band of Rebels flies to the hidden facility and destroys it. Both C'baoth and Thrawn die, so the headless Empire ceases to be a threat.

Thrawn and Joruus C'baoth vie for control of the Empire but temporarily cooperate to convince Rebels that a powerful new weapon exists. C'baoth wants only to make Leia Organa Solo and her twins his apprentices. While seeking evidence of clone shipments, Jedi Luke Skywalker runs into a smuggler, Talon Karrde, and agrees to pay him for information. Karrde's partner, Mara Jade, who has budding Force powers and is convalescing on Coruscant, tells Leia that the...

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