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Kolyma Tales Summary
Varlam Shalamov

Everything you need to understand or teach Kolyma Tales by Varlam Shalamov.

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Kolyma Tales Summary


The Narratorappears in A Pushover Job

The narrator is out with a companion on a job to collect the needles of the Siberian dwarf cedar tree. They are both exhausted and in bad shape, and the narrator looks at it as a big break to be on the assignment of collecting needles.

Glebovappears in In the Night

Glebov goes out with his companion at night, to dig up a corpse of someone that died that day, and steal the underwear. Glebov was a doctor before being sent to the camps. Now, he realizes that, in his present situation, his medical knowledge is totally useless.

Merzlakovappears in Shock Therapy

Merzlakov is a large man who has survived a year and a half in the camps. He is now desperately trying to avoid the mines with their back-breaking work and short rations. He is very stubborn in keeping...

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