The Key to Rebecca Summary
Ken Follett

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The Key to Rebecca Summary

The Key to Rebecca is about the struggle between a magnanimous decency and a brutal egotism. Although a number of the British characters are shown to be morally flawed, the heroic William Vandam embodies many of the best traits of civilized Western man. His contest of wits with German agent, Alex Wolff, pits the strengths and weaknesses of virtue against the strengths and weaknesses of vice.

Vandam is man of intense loyalties: a soldier who never shirks his duty to the Allied cause, an officer who respects and is respected by his men, a widower with a haunting love for his dead wife, a father who is nurturing and caring toward his son, and, eventually, a lover who would risk life and reputation for his beloved.

Attempting to satisfy all these loyalties, Vandam sometimes finds himself at cross purposes, and must extricate himself from dilemmas created by Wolff...

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