The Girl Who Drank the Moon Summary
Kelly Barnhill

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The Girl Who Drank the Moon Overview

In the novel The Girl Who Drank the Moon, a powerful group of elders bring sorrow to the people living in a place called the Protectorate, causing the townspeople to become powerless. Every year, the protectorate sacrifices a baby, leaving it as an offering in the woods for the supposedly evil witch who dwells there. However, the townspeople have been tricked by the elders, and although there is a witch living in the forest, she is a kind and loving witch who cannot understand the cruel Protectorate. Each chapter is relatively short, and the narrator's perspective changes each time so that readers can get the full view of what is happening everywhere. Xan takes the abandoned babies to a happier place called the Free Cities, where loving families welcome their adopted babies into their homes. One year, Xan makes a mistake on her journey and accidentally gives magical powers to a baby girl. She decides to adopt the baby girl and names her Luna. Now Xan must choose between losing her own magic or helping the child harness hers, for, as the child gets stronger, Xan grows weaker. Luckily, she has a family in the forest made up of Luna, the enchanted girl; Glerk, an intelligent swamp monster; and Fyrian, a tiny and loving dragon. Together, the four of them must rescue the area from a terrible witch, deep sorrow, and a violent volcano threatening to erupt. Xan's biggest obstacles standing in her way are the themes of lost memories and harmful miscommunication. Without communication there is no knowledge, and, without knowledge, there can be no memories or understanding of where a person comes from or what that person wants to accomplish.

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