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The Demon King Summary
Cinda Williams Chima

Everything you need to understand or teach The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima.

  • The Demon King Summary & Study Guide

The Demon King Summary

Plot Summary

Hanalea is considered the savior of her people, and a saint to all who know the story of the Breaking. It is a time of great chaos between the clans, the royal family, and the wizards which escalates to such a degree that the world is almost lost in the process. As a result of a wizard named Waterlow, who is also known as the Demon King, the world very nearly breaks in half. Waterlow is killed and Hanalea is able to negotiate the Naeming - an agreement that balances the powers between clan, wizards, and the royal family.

Hanalea then goes into seclusion, and there the stories vary. One consistency remains throughout all of the stories, however. The eldest girl born to Hanalea ascends to the throne, as has every girl in the bloodline since that time. Even now, a descendant of Hanalea, Marianna ana'Rissa, rules the...

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