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Television, 1946–Present Television brought unforgettable sounds and sights of war to the American home front. Geographically isolated from major conflicts, U.S. citizens had become accustomed ... Read more
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The Birth of Television Overview The invention of television has exerted a profound and wide-reaching effect on the nature and quality of modern everyday life. More vivid than radio, more intimate tha... Read more
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1920s: Tv and Radio This decade marked the shift in American culture to electronic media for entertainment and news. The first radios were sold in the United States for home use in 1920. By mid-decade... Read more
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Television At the same time radio began to achieve commercial viability in the 1920s, the United States and Britain began experimenting with "television," the wireless transmission of mo... Read more
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Television About the same time that Guglielmo Marconi was experimenting with radio transmissions in the late 1890s, other scientists were exploring the possibility of transmitting visual images. The f... Read more
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Families and Television Families and television are practically inseparable. Although television sets are now prominently featured in restaurants, airports, lounges, and the like, the center of televi... Read more
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Television Along with the radio, television has become the primary means for broadcast communication and entertainment. As such it calls for ethical and political assessment. What follows will thus fo... Read more
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Television and Aggression The effect of television violence on children has been studied extensively since the 1950s, and most researchers agree that what children see on television does cause behavi... Read more