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Subterranean Summary
James Rollins

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Subterranean Summary

Plot Summary

Subterranean by James Rollins focuses on a team of explorers who believe that they have been brought to Antarctica on a scientific research expedition. The team soon learns that they are not the first group to go under the ice to explore the abandoned dwellings. While searching for the first team, the group finds that there is an entire civilization under the ice. The explorers find that there are dangerous creatures, deadly plants, and even a member of their own team with intentions of killing everyone while they fight to get to the surface.

Ashley Carter, an archeologist, is asked to be the leader of the government's scientific expedition in Antarctica. She agrees but insists on bringing her son, Jason, who will be watched at the army base. The group also consists of Ben who is a cave explorer, Linda who is a biologist, Khalid who is a...

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