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The Social Contract Summary
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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The Social Contract Summary

Plot Summary

The Social Contract is an extensive, intellectual contemplation and examination on the nature and function of government. Historical examples as well as ones contemporary to the time at which the book was written (the mid 1760s) are cited in support of the author's many arguments, which all essentially boil down to three main ideological, and therefore thematic, statements. These statements are that the will of the people is infallible, that the sole function of government (and the men who populate it) is to enact that will, and that government must adapt to whatever form is necessary to do so effectively and with integrity.

The Social Contract is a systematic exploration of the relationship between the individual and the government under which he lives. That exploration begins, in Book 1, with an analysis of the informal, basic kinds of government throughout history, which the author contends was founded on the...

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