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Sanctuary Summary
William Faulkner

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Sanctuary Summary

Plot Summary

"Sanctuary" by William Faulkner is the tale of the kidnapping of a young Mississippi debutante named Temple Drake. The story follows various threads to connect the characters and to explore the culture in rural Mississippi and Tennessee during prohibition.

Chapter 1 begins with Popeye meeting Benbow at a stream somewhere in rural Mississippi. It is May. Popeye stands on one side of the stream staring at Benbow, who at this point is a stranger. The men spend the next two hours staring at each other with little conversation. Eventually the men approach Old Frenchman Place, a plantation. There are three men on the porch, along with a dog. The group eyes Benbow suspiciously. Popeye introduces Benbow as "Professor." It is clear from the beginning that Lee Goodwin, owner of the plantation, is a no-nonsense bootlegger.

Benbow meets Ruby Lamar, a twenty-something woman who serves as the cook. Ruby is...

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