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Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Summary
Edgar Allan Poe

Everything you need to understand or teach Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Summary & Study Guide

Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Summary


Knight: "Eldorado"

A gallant knight seeking his fortune in the legendary town of Eldorado. He can literally stand for anyone who has sought opportunity all of his or her life but has started to grow tired and give up.

Pilgrim Shadow: "Eldorado"

Shadow that encourages the knight to continue to seek his treasures; represents the voice that tells all of us that if we are seeking, we should go boldly to our goal.

Narrator: "The Raven"

Lonely man who is pouring over old books, trying to deal with the memories of his lost love Lenore. He is hounded by a raven that arrives at his door and repeats the phrase "Nevermore" at oddly appropriate moments. The raven echoes the narrator's inner struggle with grief.

Narrator: "Ulalume"

Grief-stricken narrator whose love, Ulalume, has been dead for one year on the night of the poem. He represents the romantic, lofty side...

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Poems of Edgar Allan Poe Study Guide

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