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Partials Summary
Dan Wells

Everything you need to understand or teach Partials by Dan Wells.

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Partials Summary

Plot Summary

In "Partials", Kira Walker is a sixteen-year-old medic as the story opens. She lives in a world in which there are only a few thousand humans left following a revolution in which a genetically-altered race of people left many humans dead and a plague killed millions more. In Kira's world, human babies are not able to survive more than a few hours before the plague kills them. The immunity the few remaining humans have is not passed on to their children and the humans have spent the years since the plague trying to find a cure. Kira believes she can figure out a cure and signs up to work in the maternity ward for that reason. However, she comes to realize no one is doing anything that will actually bring them closer to a cure.

There are few biological families remaining. Kira lives with an adopted "mother" named...

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