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Metropolis (film) Summary
Fritz Lang

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Metropolis Summary

Summary and Analysis

Metropolis takes place in the year 2026. Joh Fredersen rules over the huge city of Metropolis. He is referred to as the Master and has absolute control. The futuristic city of Metropolis is populated by a privileged class who live in luxury in spectacular, towering buildings that reach to the sky. Their lives of luxury and leisure are the result of the huge labor force who endlessly toil below the city, in the dark and impoverished underground. The needs of these workers are unimportant to Fredersen; he expects them to work grueling ten-hour days without complaint or further expectation, all to fuel the machines and allow the elite their beautiful city of leisure.

The son of Master Fredersen, Freder Fredersen, is frolicking in the Miracle of Eternal Gardens when, by mistake, he sees Maria. Maria is the daughter of a worker who is tending other workers' children...

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Metropolis Film Summary

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