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Metamorphosis Summary
Franz Kafka

Everything you need to understand or teach Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

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The Metamorphosis Summary

Plot Summary

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a dark tale about a man who wakes from disturbing dreams to find he is living a nightmare. He finds that he is lying on his armor-like back. By lifting his head slightly, he can see that his belly is domed and brown, divided into segments by stiff arches. His legs, suddenly so many of them, are so thin and weak in appearance that he can hardly fathom how they would keep him up.

His room, though a bit small by most standards, looks the same as it did when he went to sleep. His material samples still lie on the table. Looking around, he can’t see any difference except for himself. He wants to go back to sleep and wake up normal, but he isn’t used to sleeping on his back and can’t imagine how to get himself over...

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The Metamorphosis Study Guide

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