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Ligeia Summary
Edgar Allan Poe

Everything you need to understand or teach Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe.

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Ligeia Summary


Narrator: Ligeia

Another somewhat unreliable narrator, this time due to opium use. He is very much in love, obsessively so, with his beloved Ligeia. We see that he is prone to deep passion, and he himself admits to having a fiery temper.

Ligeia: Ligeia

The great love of the narrator's life. Ligeia is described as both strange and exquisite, and the narrator seems in awe of both her beauty and her intellect. It is her strong will, however, that causes her to fight with vigor as death approaches - and allows her to fight her way back from death and overtake the body of Rowena.

Lady Rowena Trevanion of Tremaine: Ligeia

The narrator's second wife. Rowena lives in dread of he narrator's temper, and he, in turn, despises her. Around the second month of their marriage, she becomes very ill, and after seeing many frightening visions and hearing unexplained...

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